2019 Emerging Curator: 57th Carnegie International

As part of the Emerging Curator Program, 2019 Emerging Curator Vania Evangelique has completed a series of site visits to local cultural spaces where she met with curators and cultural producers to discuss current exhibition projects.

Thursday December 20, 2018
Carnegie Museum of Art:
Curator: Liz Park

Painting by Lynette Yiadom–Boakye

Painting by Lynette Yiadom–Boakye

A show of this magnitude can only be successful through patience and collaboration. I had the pleasure of meeting Liz Park, the Associate Curator of the 57th Carnegie International. When talking with Liz about the scale of the show, it revealed the many steps it takes to put a show on at the CMOA. Steps such as the  legalities that go into installing the artwork at an institution like the CMOA (something that I never would have thought of), such as going through a City of Pittsburgh’s Historic Review Commission hearing to ensure that the museum was working to meet the historic concerns of preservation when it came to placing artwork on the building’s exterior or acquiring of street permits, police, and redirecting traffic for installation.

Alex Da Corte,  Rubber Pencil Devil

Alex Da Corte, Rubber Pencil Devil

Like many curators I have met so far, one of piece of advice that she told me was to have patience: things aren't always going to go as easy as you planned, but everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.

Having the opportunity to interact with Liz Park gave me a whole new appreciation for the International. The visit and conversation allowed me to really connect with the artwork on a different level, especially after realizing what it took to put it together.

Vania Evangelique
2019 Emerging Curator, Associated Artists of Pittsburgh

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