2019 Emerging curator: Vania evangelique

“I have always found that to let go of pain it is best to express these unspoken emotions through visuals where i discover, cultivate, and nurture many of my concepts. I want people to feel. Through my work of poetry, portraiture and landscapes, it is the intention of my work to give a voice to the voiceless. With each of visual experience I am to create spaces in which the view feels connected with the world around them and that they feel more in tune with their own experiences.”

“Curation, being predominately white male oriented, I never felt that I would be afforded the opportunity to be one in the past. As a young black woman given the opportunity to be apart of a program like this has been such a hope that I can be the one who can appropriately relate to black art and showcase the art in the light that it deserves. With this position and the things that I have and will be able to learn I’ll be able to teach this form of art to people who look like me.”