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June –July, 2019

The Union Hall
2216 Penn Ave, Fl 2nd Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 15222

A variation on the word homograph, the exhibition Homeograph presents work that attempts to reach towards unifying themes of the reconceptualization, deconstruction, and redefinition of utility and history. The exhibition features the work of Mary Dorfner Hay, Melissa Riggatire, and Crystal Latimer. Their work throughout the space investigates and reconsiders time, events, and space enabling the viewer to experience these phenomena through differing and divergent points of view.

La Batalla, una.  Crystal Latimer

La Batalla, una. Crystal Latimer

vessels 01 (1).jpg


June 2–July 27, 2019

Iron Gate Gallery, Touchstone Center for Crafts
1049 Wharton Furnace Rd. Farmington, PA 15437

Vessels in Five Dimensions is a duo exhibition between Kristen Letts Kovak and Silvija Singh.

Vessels in Five Dimensions explores the fluidity between two-dimensional images and three-dimensional forms. Augmenting the static dimensions of height, width, and depth with time and individual perception, both Kovak and Singh create vessels that subvert function while alluding to meaning.  Both artists intentionally leave gaps in information. Using the fragments to construct new and more complex narratives, they reform instability into strength and surface into transparency.  Kovak’s paintings depict forms whose context has been removed or interrupted. Similarly, Singh’s ceramic forms are carefully pieced together, revealing cavities interrupting their function. The resulting physical and pictorial vessels are not empty bodies but bodies reformed by history, observation, and cognition. 

Gallery hours: Thursday through Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
or by appointment 

2019 New Member Exhibition

May 11–June 30, 2019

Pittsburgh Center for Arts & Media
6300 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Hours: Tues–Sat 10am–5pm and Sun 12pm–4pm.
Closed on Mondays.

Featuring the work of Karen Antonelli, Allison Blair, Cory Bonnet, Eric Charlton, Kevin Clancy, Thommy Conroy, Matthew Constant, Dennis Doyle, Dan Droz, Tara Fay, Kylie Ford, Adrienne Grafton, Hannah Harley, Megan Herwig, Christopher Hofmann, J Houston, Selena Hurst, Tressa Jones, Alyssa Kail, Ignacio Lopez, Karen Lue, Stephanie Martin, Paul Mullins, Brent Nakamoto, Njaimeh Njie, Joe Perry, Cassandra Pfaff, Justin Pope, Allan Rosenfield, John Sanders, Rachel Saul Rearick, Tyler Stanton, Sarah Tancred, and Annie Weidman.

The exhibition is curated by Transmitter Gallery. It is free & open to the public. For more information and programming, click on the button below.

Art on the walls: mayor's office

Office of the Mayor, City-County Building
414 Grant St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh has partnered with the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council’s Art on the Walls program for this multi-year exhibition project in the administrative offices and chambers of the Mayor's Office in the City County Building. The work in this rotating installation explores the theme of Pittsburgh: AAP invites all members to submit artworks for consideration that address the theme of Pittsburgh: the people, places, and sentiments that make the city special and distinct.

Currently on display are the works of AAP members Robert Bowden, Alan Byrne, Fran Gialamas, Jon Hall, Yelena Lamm, Laurie Longnecker, William D. Pfahl, Miriam Scigliano, William D. Wade, and Terri Wolfe Izzo.

Terri Wolfe Izzo,  Edgar Thompson Works, Braddock,  oil on linen, 36x25 in., $2,800

Terri Wolfe Izzo, Edgar Thompson Works, Braddock, oil on linen, 36x25 in., $2,800