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Mixed Red: Scott Hunter at Tomayko Gallery

 A selection of new mixed media work by Scott Hunter and starring the color red. Work made by responding to the spark that comes from recognition of similarity or sympathy demanding placement above or below.  Scaled up or scaled down, impatient, messy, explained, self-explanatory, self-congratulatory, framed and then finished. Work steeped in the mysteries of random pairings of images found in everyday detritus.  Forging connections that might offer deeper introspection than a contrived plot when looking back upon them as if planned. 

 Read or misread.

This exhibition is on view to the public from August 16th-December 11 2019. AAP will be hosting an artist talk and reception on October 8th, more details to come.

Mutual Understanding

August 2-September 30, 2019

Touchstone Center for Crafts
1049 Sr2003, Farmington, PA 15437

The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh is working with the Touchstone Center for Crafts to host an exhibition. This exhibition showcases the work of Judith Musser and Adrienne Heinrich, curated by Jen Panza. On view August 2 - September 30. Opening reception August 4th, 2:00-5:00PM at Touchstone.

barely breathing postcardv4.jpg


July 24-August 23, 2019

Associated Artists of Pittsburgh
100 43rd St, Unit 107
AAP presents Barely Breathing, the 2019 Emerging Curator Exhibition. Curated by Vania Evangelique, the exhibition explores the relationship between individuals and nature and how that relationship is represented in art. The exhibition features the work of Ashley Cecil, J Houston, Kristen Letts Kovak, Corrine Jasmin, Natiq Jalil, Stephanie Martin, and Elizabeth Rose.

Art on the walls: mayor's office

Office of the Mayor, City-County Building
414 Grant St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh has partnered with the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council’s Art on the Walls program for this multi-year exhibition project in the administrative offices and chambers of the Mayor's Office in the City County Building. The work in this rotating installation explores the theme of Pittsburgh: AAP invites all members to submit artworks for consideration that address the theme of Pittsburgh: the people, places, and sentiments that make the city special and distinct.

Currently on display are the works of AAP members Robert Bowden, Alan Byrne, Fran Gialamas, Jon Hall, Yelena Lamm, Laurie Longnecker, William D. Pfahl, Miriam Scigliano, William D. Wade, and Terri Wolfe Izzo.

Terri Wolfe Izzo,  Edgar Thompson Works, Braddock,  oil on linen, 36x25 in., $2,800

Terri Wolfe Izzo, Edgar Thompson Works, Braddock, oil on linen, 36x25 in., $2,800