2019 Emerging Curator: ‘Familiar Boundaries. Infinite Possibilities’

As part of the Emerging Curator Program, 2019 Emerging Curator Vania Evangelique has completed a series of site visits to local cultural spaces where she met with curators and cultural producers to discuss current exhibition projects.

Wednesday December 12, 2018
August Wilson Center:
‘Familiar Boundaries. Infinite Possibilities’
Curator: Kilolo Luckett

Nakeya Brown,  Self Portrait in Shower Cap Gestures of my Bio-Myth

Nakeya Brown, Self Portrait in Shower Cap Gestures of my Bio-Myth

Being apart of this program I have been blessed to both see and to understand artwork in a new light. I have been given advice from curators on shows that they have organized, partnered with, and been apart of. It has been an eye-opener for me. On December 12, I had the opportunity of meeting with Kilolo Luckett, acting Curator for the August Wilson Cultural Center and Curator of their current exhibition Familiar Boundaries. Infinite Possibilities. However, Kilolo described herself not as a curator, but as an “organizer.” In the show, she did just that. Each piece connects the artist with the audience in a deeper understanding of self, worth, and worldviews. Kilolo’s attention to detail can even be seen in the way she chose to have the graphic designed, the black and white lines serve as a visual representation of the past and the present.

When you walk into the August Wilson Center, you are greeted with books that have inspired their artist practice. I really appreciated that Kilolo made the list of books featured in the library gallery available as a list at the front desk. People passing through then have the chance to purchase the books for themselves.

‘Familiar Boundaries. Infinite Possibilities’ showcases the traditions of the African and Latin communities both here in the U.S and abroad. Of all the pieces in the museum, the piece that resonated with me the most was ‘Self Portrait in Shower Cap Gestures of My Bio-myth’ by Nakeya Brown. That portrait  bought feelings of nostalgia and longing by bringing up memories of my childhood days at my grandmother's house.

Throughout the August Wilson Center, Kilolo has created an energy of peace, as well as a sense of awareness of self and other. For me, these artworks and this exhibition  remind us of our past and also gives me hope for the future.

Vania Evangelique
2019 Emerging Curator, Associated Artists of Pittsburgh

Madeline Gent