Almost time: TAXES

Holidays signify time with your family, a break from work, presents for those you love, and the end of the year, which means taxes aren’t far behind. As professional artists, your taxes may be a bit more tricky to navigate. It’s important to get everything together sooner rather than later. This way, if you need it, it is a lot easier to find professional help.

Below are a list of resources for artists. The first two listed are free tax return preparation services. Worried you won’t qualify for free help? Set aside some money today for professional help just in case.

Free Tax Return Preparation for Qualifying Taxpayers:

United Way of Southwestern PA Free Tax Prep:

Tax Resources for Artists from Pittsburgh firm Bowie & Co.:

Artspace’s How to Do Your Taxes as an Artist:

GYST’s Introductions for Taxes for Artists:

PAFA’s Finances for Artists’ FAQs:

Again, start prep now: set aside some money in case you need professional help down the road. Once January hits, book some time to see a free tax return specialist.

Madeline Gent