Member Directory - Now Live Online

The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh has created a member directory, alphabetized by last name. You can find the directory under the “Membership” page at the top of the website. Or you can click this link to take you directly there. In the directory, our Web Coordinator, Jamie Earnest, has linked artist’s websites, gallery pages, and other sites representing each member’s work to their respective names.

If you are a member, please double check that your name is linked to the website or webpage of your liking. If you have a website and it is not linked to your name, or the incorrect site is linked, please send Jamie an email with the correct website. You can reach her at

Jamie is currently working with a software company to develop a customizable membership profile system for the AAP website. This means that members will be able to upload images of work and “tag” their work with multiple attributes such as “painting”, “figurative”, “sculpture”, “metal”, “jewelry”, “oil”, “landscape” etc. By having these attributes tagged to images of your work, the directory can be searched with these tags. For example, if a local art collector wanted to look into buying a pottery piece and an abstract painting", they would be able to search “pottery” “abstract” and “painting”, and members who have tagged their works with one or all of those attributes would show up in the search results - thus narrowing the search to find artwork.

This member profile database would be public - meaning that anyone could search our membership to find the exact type of artist they are looking for without even having to know their name. This will make our members and their work more accessible in and outside the Pittsburgh community.

The Membership Profile system will be finalized and launch in Spring 2019.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Jamie with any questions or concerns.

Jamie Earnest