Mixed Red 

A selection of new mixed media work by Scott Hunter and starring the color red. Work made by responding to the spark that comes from recognition of similarity or sympathy demanding placement above or below.  Scaled up or scaled down, impatient, messy, explained, self-explanatory, self-congratulatory, framed and then finished. Work steeped in the mysteries of random pairings of images found in everyday detritus.  Forging connections that might offer deeper introspection than a contrived plot when looking back upon them as if planned. 

Read or misread.

This exhibition is on view to the public from August 16-December 8, 2019.



Scott Hunter tried to make his own Muppet once.  It went pretty well.  He hates mayonnaise but apparently eats it all the time.  Recently, he lost a piece of a three-piece suit but wore it anyway.  Once he thought he was a genius, but it turned out he was watching Teen Jeopardy.  He still cries after most episodes of “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father”.

He lives with his wife and two kids in Bethel Park.