Paige Tibbe: Featured Artist April 2019


“Truth, honesty and a never-ending introspection are ideas that continually push me to create. An overwhelming feeling or thought, usually evoked by a life event, is the origin of each piece. I then explore what it could mean to have these questions through subject matter such as portraiture and the figure by building a visual dialogue with shapes and the environments surrounding.” –Excerpt from artist statement.


“My practice is devoted to finding the most impactful way to get an emotion across the viewer. Right now, that is using a combination of realism and impression, using abstract marks, saturated colors and overly defined subject matter.

2019 began with a show at Percolate Gallery called “About Face” with Jason Schutzman, curated by Carolyn Pierotti. The opening reception was February 2nd and the show was open through the end of March, which concluded with a curator led artist talk. During the show at Percolate I was able to teach a portrait drawing class at the gallery. This April I was chosen as “Artist of the Month” at Blick Art Materials in Shady Side. Through this, I led a painting demo outside of the store.

Right now, I am focusing on creating more work for future shows. Nothing specific has come up yet, but I look forward to what the future holds and am allowing myself the time to make sure I am happy with what ever that is.”

-Paige Tibbe


Jamie Earnest