The Center For Forgetting Patacademy Residency Program: (ongoing)


Artists and writers are encouraged to develop work addressing the role memory has in constructing symbolic language systems. Research driven and theoretical based artistic practices that deal with new ways of visualizing relationship to technology is ideal.


Works developed in the program will be publicly presented as exhibitions or through community based educational workshops. Visiting Artists are scheduled as well as opportunities for local college speaking engagements.

The Patacademy goal is to offer Workshops and Classes to bring new ideas about the Arts and Technology to a wider audience. Exhibition space is available in multiple locations in and around the city of Allentown. 

Accommodation Information 

A small private room/studio

Studio Information 

Artists receive a free private live/work studio. There is a communal kitchen and full bathroom in addition to a shared 4,000 sq ft workspace with secure storage.

Technical Information 

Warehouse with 2 freight elevators, Loading Dock and 14 ft ceilings.

Woodworking tools, 3 video projectors, HD/Still Camera, Audio Recording Equipment, Electronic Music Studio.


The Center for Forgetting is situated in the pristine post-industrial oasis of Allentown Pennsylvania.


1 week up to a year

Paid by host 

Private live/work studio

Paid by artist 

Travel, Basic Living Expenses

Application guidelines 

Works based on Performance, Sound Art, Generative Art, Kinetic Sculpture, Intermedia, Video Art, Graphic Notation, Visual Poetry, Data driven Informatics and Conceptual Aesthetics are the only criteria for the selection process. 

Work must address issues of memory and create a symbolic language used to describe the activity of remembering as an integral theme in the creative process. Works can investigate the roles of the senses and the influences between body and mind on the perception of viewing and creating works of Art.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Please include a detailed written proposal with any supplementary materials including a project timeline for consideration.

Jamie Earnest