Pen & Brush Gallery Open Rolling Submission

Our submission program is open to all women artists internationally and the process is transparent:

  1. Artists submit a portfolio of work (6 min. 12 max) and their artist statement, C.V., through our website.

  2. P+B staff art historians conduct reviews of all submissions on a continual basis. This is an objective review to ensure that the work we are showing to curators is reflective of the standards of the field. Because our program is specifically addressing lack of access to the primary art market and we are creating exposure for the artists we work within New York City, it is essential that all work accepted for consideration meet the following standards:

  • All work must be contemporary art. For further clarification please consult the following resources:

  • All work(s) submitted for consideration must be professionally executed and photographed. Photographs of works of art must be clear, centered, high quality. Works of art must be finished, fully developed, ready to display works.

  • Pen + Brush reserves the right to reject work based on issues of quality. 

  • All work(s) submitted must be available for exhibition and for sale.

    • However, Pen + Brush does not hinder artists’ opportunities and will work with artists to switch out works in portfolios that are no longer available.

    • If selected for exhibition, Pen + Brush expects the selected and agreed upon works to be available and for sale for the duration of exhibition.

  • All work submitted must have been created within the last ten years.

  • If work does not meet these standards it will be rejected upon Pen and Brush’s internal review at it is not a fit for our program opportunity. 

  • Portfolios that do meet these standards will be accepted and the materials will be considered by curators working with us during your submission period.

  1. If your portfolio is approved by Pen and Brush your work will remain in our pool and viewable to curators working with us for a minimum of 6 months. During this time, if work in your portfolio is sold or selected for exhibition outside of P+B, please contact us to discuss updating your portfolio with comparable works that are still available.

  2. Curators have the ability to select an artist for any type of exhibition type: solo, group, featured concepts or media based exhibitions. P+B staff will contact you if a curator has any additional questions about your work, if they are considering your work for an exhibition, and/or if they have selected your work for a specific exhibition to discuss the terms. 

  3. If you are selected for an exhibition, details and timing will be discussed and agreed upon at the time. 

After an artist has exhibited at Pen + Brush, they become eligible for our artist roster list. P+B staff will continue to review existing body of work, discuss her new work, and then determine what additional exhibition opportunities might be viable and fit into P+B’s exhibition schedule in the coming months. Additional exhibitions developed from our exhibited artist roster are at the sole discretion of Pen and Brush staff, and both parties (artist and P+B) may elect to opt out at any time. Artists who become part of our roster will also be profiled on our website and on electronic devices in our space on an ongoing basis. 

Jamie Earnest