Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council: Access Microfund (rolling basis)

Access Microfund

GPAC provides up to $500 to help arts and culture organizations, collaboratives and individual artists provide accommodations to patrons and artists with disabilities. This fund supports one-time accommodations such as American Sign Language interpretation, audio description, captioning, or materials in alternative formats. This funding is not intended for physical space accessibility improvements. This is not a grant but a reimbursement. For planning purposes, you must apply before you spend the money for the accommodation

Eligibility and Guidelines

The goal of this program is to help organizations, collaborations and individual artists say "YES" when a patron or artist with a disability asks for an accommodation. Funding is not intended to support any organization's full series of scheduled programmatic accommodations, and this is not a regular grant program. However, if you want to schedule a one accommodated public program or get a request from a patron for an accommodation outside your scheduled accommodated programs, you should apply.

You must:
1) Provide your accommodation policy or agree to create an accommodation policy no later than two months after receiving funding; and
2) Send a representative to GPAC's accessibility workshops OR participate in the Arts Access Data Project; and
3) Either provide some matching funds OR agree to create a line item in your next budget to cover future programmatic accommodations.


Jamie Earnest