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AAP 104th Annual Exhibition at the Trumbull Branch, 

Butler Institute of American Art, June 14th-July 19th, 2015.

Opening reception Brunch June 14th 1-4PM, 9350 East Market Street,

Howland Township, Ohio 44484

Congratulations to the accepted member artists: Atticus Adams, Shelle Barron, Ron Bayuzick, Victor Beltran, Christie Biber, Terry Boyd, Robert Bowden, Kathleen Kase Burk, Lugene Bruno, Alan Byrne,Yang Cai, Connie Cantor, Janet Carlisle, Seth Clark, Vaughn Clay, Souvik Chakraborty, Suzanne Colvin, Matthew Conboy, Alexis Dillon, June Edwards, Carolyn Frischling, Will Halim, Dafna Rehavia Hanauer, Adrienne Heinrich, Mia Tarducci Henry, Deborah Kiss Holtschlag, Lori Hornell, Scott Hunter, Tazim Jaffer, Chuck Johnson, Jeffrey Katrencik, Christianna Kreiss, Lisa Bergant Koi, Joel Kranich, Bob Kubiak, Mara Light, Jane Lucchino, Duncan MacDiarmid, Chris McGinnis, Patti Menick, Ken Merget, Josh Mitchel, Joan Milsom, ChiaLing Pitluga, Nancy McNary-Smith, Kevin O'Toole, Steve Pajewski, Mark Panza, Joyce Werwie Perry, Jack Puglisi, Shawn Quinlan, Christopher Ruane, Phiris Kathryn Sickels, Silvija Singh, Martha Hopkins Skarlinski, Gregory Smith, David Stanger, Richard Stoner, Benjamin Thomas, Kristin Turcsanyi, Linda Van Gehuchten, William Wade, and Lauren Wilcox

New Home at the IceHouse Studios in Lawrenceville

The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh (AAP) is an artist-run organization with over 550 artist members living within a 150 mile radius of Pittsburgh; and representing the full range of visual arts talent, from traditional painting and sculpture to installation and new media. AAP is one of the most esteemed artist-member organizations in the country, having produced a major museum exhibition of members’ work every year for 102 years.

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Become an Artist Member: Any artist over 18 years of age residing within 150 miles of Pittsburgh is welcome to participate in one of AAP's semi-annual screenings for membership.