Artist input at Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy is leading a hike to explore Highland Park's diverse water features in an effort to develop creative methods for telling the story of water in an urban context.  A reservoir, filtration plant, stream, lake, pool, seeps, a view of the river and more – each of these are critical elements of the urban water cycle, and park goers interact with each of them differently – but it’s not always easy to see the full picture.  

We’re asking artists to join us on this hike and imagine different ways to illustrate and interpret the way water works in the park and throughout the city, from the river to our taps and back again. Eventually, we plan to develop a water trail in the park that ties these disparate instances of water together and elucidates the interconnectedness of the entire system.  We’ll also host a charrette following the hike to further explore ideas in the hopes of generating public art projects that could be implemented in the future. Please join us!

Highland Park Water Hike
Sat. Nov 17, 2018 10:00am - 11:30am EST

Madeline Gent