Jentel Artist Residency Program: (Due. Sep. 15)

Jentel Artist Residency Program

Experience the remarkable landscape and atmosphere of a working cattle ranch in the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains. Experience a place where time passes in the quietude as it did 50 to 100 years ago. Experience time apart from daily concerns. Experience an environment in which to concentrate on personal artistic development. Experience a place where the creative process is honored and the artist is valued.


Banner, Wyoming: United States

With spectacular views over scoria-topped hills to the majestic Big Horn Mountains, Jentel is located on a working cattle ranch in the Lower Piney Creek Valley twenty miles southeast of Sheridan, Wyoming. Six miles of county road connect Jentel with Interstate 90. Denver is a six hour drive south and Billings is two hours to the north.


  • Residency Length: 1 month

  • Average number of artists in residence at a time: 6

  • Number of artists accepted in most recent year: 66

  • Total applicant pool in most current year: 230


  • Application type: Open application

  • Collaboration: Must apply and be accepted individually

  • Geography: Open to US artists, Open to non-US artists

  • Additional eligibility information:

    To this lo-tech residency, Jentel welcomes visual artists working in all media and writers working in all genre. Applicants are US citizens or members of the international arts community currently living in the United States. The minimum age is 25 years. Applicants may not be enrolled in a degree seeking program. Residents may reapply after five years.

  • Application deadline: January 15, September 15

  • Additional deadline info:Winter Spring session January 15 - May 13 residencies: Applications open February 1st with a Deadline of September 15th. Summer/ Fall Session May 15 - December 13 residencies. Applications open Oct 1st with a Deadline of January 15th. Jentel welcomes online applications via Submittable at

Past Residents & Quotes

There are moments of perfect beauty everyday that we all frequently overlook. Jentel and the Wyoming landscape have given me the opportunity to slow my life and the chance to catch some of these moments of peace….

— Charles Beneke. Painter/Printmaker. Akron, Ohio.

If for only one month in their lives the artists and writers who come to Jentel feel valued and respected for who they are and what they do. Jentel honors the creative process, fosters community and celebrates nature at its best.

— Mary Jane Edwards. Executive Director, Jentel Foundation

Facilities & Services

  • Housing: Private bedroom in a shared housing facilityCathedral ceilings open the views to the west and further expand the spaciousness of the common areas in The Residence, the main house that provides a comfortable living space with communal areas designed for research, recreation, food preparation and dining and relaxation. Each resident has a private room with generous space for sleeping, relaxing and journaling. All rooms have immediate access to the outdoors and to spaces leading to the common areas. Clusters of common bathroom facilities are well spaced for easy access and privacy. American primitive furnishings and a variety of textiles give warmth to a contemporary living space. The grounds are landscaped with native and non-native shrubs, trees, grasses, and flowers planted as though nature left them to be discovered. This all creates a home and work space that cultivates, supports and honors the creative spirit.

  • Meals: Some meals are providedA welcoming dinner and breakfast for residents and a farewell meal with staff are provided. Residents take responsibility for all other meals on their own schedule. Staff drive residents to town for a weekly grocery and errand run. Residents share a spacious, fully equipped kitchen and dining room for food prep and meals.

  • Computer/internet access: Computer and internet connection provided in common area (shared), Wireless Internet, Ethernet provided in living or studio area

  • Accessibility: noIn The Residence, an open staircase leads to a library and a recreation room on a loft with a balcony that overlooks the shared living area. The library offers a selection of art books, contemporary fiction and reference books along with Internet access. The other shared living spaces and bedrooms are on one level. The studios are all on one level. The buildings are connected by a large gravel surface. A railroad tie stairway leads from The Residence and studios on the lower level to an upper level and across a gravel parking area to the office.

  • Additional studio information:

    A weather worn wooden barn was reconstructed as a cabin to house two studios for writers. A pole barn, a typical metal ranch outbuilding, is outfitted with good ventilation and lighting to accommodate four artists with large studios, high ceilings and maximum wall space. Jentel is a low-tech and non-equipment based residency, where the imagination is the only limitation the artist explores through the creative process. The studios have Internet access.

Residency Fees

Application via Submittable, an online service, includes a fee of $30. Once awarded a residency, residents forward a deposit of $100 to reserve their month. Residents are responsible for their travel, working materials and personal items during the residency.

Stipends / other support

The residency award includes a $100 stipend weekly to help defray the costs of food and personal items during the residency. Residents are encouraged to apply for funding support from state and community arts and culture agencies. Past residents have been successful in securing support from foundations in their region or discipline.

Additional expectations / opportunities

Some visual artists and writers who are invited to Jentel may come with an interest or commitment to engage with a larger creative arts community during their residency. Although no services are expected of the residents during their session, community outreach is encouraged and supported through the monthly Jentel Presents program, an evening of slide presentations and readings in nearby Sheridan.

Contact Information

130 Lower Piney Road
Banner, Wyoming 82832
United States

Tel: 307-737-2311

Jamie Earnest