Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Residency: (Due Sep. 1)

To Apply for a VCCA Residency

Next Deadline: September 15         Application Opens: June 1

Admission to VCCA is highly selective, based on a review of applications by panels of professional artists. There are separate panels for each category (poets, fiction writers, nonfiction writers, playwrights, performance, film and video artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, installation artists, composers and cross-disciplinary artists) with over 50 panelists serving at any one time. These panelists undergo periodic review to ensure that selection to VCCA is being made by the highest caliber artists in each discipline. Panelists are also rotated regularly so that particular styles or tastes are not continuously represented. The basis for admission by an application is professional achievement or promise of achievement.



Online applications for all genres are accepted through SlideRoom. This form is to be used for both new applicants and reapplicants.

If you prefer to apply via hard copy, please contact VCCA by calling (434) 946-7236, or by email at



To apply, artists submit via SlideRoom:

  • application form

  • resume (limit about 1300 words)

  • third-person paragraph highlighting your professional achievements (limit about 200 words)

  • work samples (see below)

  • two recommendation letters from authorities in your field who can comment on your work and your capacity for living in an artists' community (letters should be submitted via SlideRoom within one month after the application deadline; First-time applicants only)

  • $40 application fee

The SlideRoom forms are to be used by new applicants and reapplicants.

Work samples must support the proposed project and should have been completed within the past 4 years. Applicants may upload up to 5 items.

WRITERS: Based on your genre, submit one of the following: (a) six to ten poems (b) up to two short stories, essays or articles (c) up to twenty-five pages of a script (d) up to twenty-five pages of a book. Works-in-progress should be accompanied by a sample of finished work. Work must be submitted in English and in the genre for which you are applying. Your entire writing sample should not exceed 25 pages. PDFs (up to 10MB each)

VISUAL ARTISTS: Submit up to 5 images (up to 5MB each)

FILM/VIDEO, INSTALLATION, PERFORMANCE, AND RELATED WORK: Submit video or images along with a description sheet of no more than one page contextualizing each segment. Images (up to 5MB each), Video (up to 250MB each), PDFs (up to 10MB each)

COMPOSERS: Submit two scores and corresponding MP3 (include dates completed). PDFs (up to 10MB each). Audio (up to 30MB each)



Applications are accepted and reviewed throughout the year, but scheduling is conducted at only three designated times during the year. Deadlines are as follows:

June to September Residencies 

Deadline: January 15
Notification: sent by March 31

October to January Residencies

Deadline: May 15
Notification: sent by July 31

February to May Residencies

Deadline: September 15
Notification: sent by November 30



VCCA is supported through the partnership of the artists it serves and the donors who are committed to advancing creative work. In order to make VCCA sustainable, we depend on all accepted applicants to help offset the cost of their residencies to the best of their ability. 

Application fee: $40.

The cost of a VCCA residency is $150 per artist/per day.

Fellows are accepted regardless of their ability to pay. We are flexible in our scheduling practices and schedule based on the individual artists needs. Fellowships and need-based financial aid are available.



Collaborators and couples should apply individually, paying individual application fees, with the understanding that one person may be accepted and the other may not. Please note on your application if you are willing to attend a residency if the person you are applying with is not accepted. Each artist or writer accepted for a residency will be offered a separate workspace, unless otherwise requested.

Jamie Earnest