Dexter Jones Award for Sculpture: (Due Nov. 4)

The Dexter Jones Award, an unrestricted prize of $5,000, is presented annually to a sculptor for an outstanding work of sculpture in bas-relief.


Applicants must be sculptors born between 1980-2001.   All applicants must be citizens of or residents in the United States with a social security number. The grant is awarded without regard to sex, ethnicity or religion.

The use of figurative or realist sculpture is of greatest interest.  The winning work will be in bas-relief.

The grant will be presented at the NSS’ 2020 Sculpture Conference.

A minimum of one year shall pass before a Dexter Jones Award recipient is eligible to apply again.


Monday, November 4, 2019

Submission Materials:

Images of up to 12 works of sculpture (up to 2 views each – 24 images total). At least one sculpture must be of a work in bas-relief. Images should be in JPEG (.jpg) format and the longest side of the image 1500 pixels or longer.  Resolution of 72 dpi or higher.

A list stating the title, medium and dimensions of the sculpture submitted. This can be in the form of a Word (.doc) or PDF (.pdf) document.

A biography or resume in a Word (.doc) or PDF (.pdf) document.

To Submit:

Submissions can be shared with the NSS office through file sharing programs such as DropboxGoogle DocssendthisfileHightail, etc…  Be sure to list the award you are applying for in the subject line or body of the email.

Jamie Earnest