Artist Grant $500: (Due Oct 15)

Founded in 2017, Artist Grant aims to support and fund artists. All too often, society expects artists to work for free when other types of professionals receive fair compensation for their work. Artists deserve fair compensation. To that end, our charitable organization funds the efforts of artists to continue their important work and contributions to society. We provide a modest competitive grant of $500 to one artist every quarter. 

We have no sponsors but are a small group of individuals using our own personal wealth, time, energy, and efforts to fulfill Artist Grant's mission. The team functions as the grant selection jury. We come from different creative backgrounds, so we do not have preferences about artistic style or media. We’d love to see your work!

Artist Grant provides a $500 USD grant to one visual artist each grant cycle. There are four grant cycles per year – January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15. Once an artist wins a grant, they may not apply again.

The deadline for the current grant cycle is July 15, 2019. If you are interested in receiving deadline reminder notifications, please subscribe to our mailing list.

We do not require proposals or any indication of how you will use the funds. Therefore, please do not send proposals because we will not read them.

An application fee of $25 USD helps defray costs of administering this grant so we can continue to support and fund artists' important work. The fee is payable on our ‘Apply’ page.

We notify each applicant of the results at the conclusion of our review process (approximately 2-3 weeks after each deadline), and we will display the name and work of each grant recipient and a link to their website (if applicable) on our website and social media. To see current and past grant recipients’ work, go to our ‘About’ page. 

In an effort to provide potential applicants with more information about our selection process, we publish shortlisted artists’ work on our Instagram page*. We hope the short list provides insight into the wide range of creative efforts we consider.

Artists retain all rights to their work. We are simply interested in celebrating and promoting the award winners and shortlisted artists.

If you have questions, contact us through our contact form or email

Jamie Earnest