Chehalem Cultural Center Call for Exhibition Proposals: (Due. June 30)

The Chehalem Cultural Center is accepting proposals for exhibitions in the 2020 calendar year.

The Chehalem Cultural Center galleries are home to a diverse range of exhibitions that illuminate the power of human expression, inspire creativity and stimulate conversation. Our galleries feature artwork in all mediums from nationally and internationally known artists, Northwest artists and emerging artists.

Parrish Gallery
Central Gallery
Grand Lobby
Founders’ Lobby
Community Gallery
Mezzanine Gallery
See website for more details:

For Single Artist Proposals
A one page summary of the proposed show, including
o Artwork style, media, and conceptual background
o Installation requirements
o Proposed length of show
o Short explanation of exhibition concept, expected audience, etc.

10-20 high quality artwork images (either google drive or PDFs attached to email). Note: these must be images of the actual works that will be included in the proposed show. If the artwork to be exhibited is yet to be produced, include sample photos that match style, size, and media requirements for the proposed show to give the committee an idea of the final results.

Inventory list of all artwork shared, with inventory names matching file names. Include:
o Size
o Media
o Retail price (including 40% gallery commission)
o Insurance value if not for sale
o Date of production
o Artist CV/Resume

For Multi-Artist Exhibition Proposals additionally include:
• Curatorial summary, including primary exhibition contact, proposed division of labor, installation plan, and art return information.
For Juried or Collection Exhibitions additionally include:
• Resume or CV of the individual taking responsibility for the exhibition
• Curatorial summary, including primary exhibition contact, proposed division of labor,
installation plan, and art return information.
Submit all proposal materials via email to

The gallery provides funds to print a promotional flier for each show. While the design of promotional material may be discussed with exhibiting artists, all final decisions are made by gallery staff.

From the time the work is received by the Gallery through the stated pick-up date, CCC will insure the work to the benefit of the artist in an amount equal to the artist’s portion of the retail sales price, up to $2,500 per piece, with an exhibition cap at $100,000. A completed inventory list must be provided at least one week prior to the exhibition opening to insure artwork. Artists/owners should insure the work at all other times.
• Gallery curatorial staff install all artwork, unless agreed upon in advance.
• All artwork must come to the gallery fully ready to hang or display, in the manner
previously agreed upon in the exhibition proposal. Artwork not deemed presentation- worthy by the gallery’s curatorial staff will not be accepted for exhibition.
Artists and artwork owners have the choice to either pick up artwork in person on a date specified by the gallery, or to provide packing materials and prepaid shipping labels for all artwork to be returned. Artists/owners are held responsible for any accidents in transit due to faulty packing materials. Any artwork that is not picked up on the specified date, and has no shipping materials provided for it, will incur a $10 fee for each day it sits in holding.

All exhibition proposals are reviewed by an exhibition committee. Proposals are judged by the quality of work and concept, strength of application and the ability to fit in to the center’s mission.

Contact the Curator: Carissa Smith-Burkett at

Jamie Earnest