WHAMGLOBAL Call for Feminist Artists: (Due. Jun 8)

On June 8 and 9, WHAMglobal will host an exciting showcase of local art celebrating women and motherhood. We are calling the event Birthing a Movement: Taking Back Motherhood.

We would like to invite you to display a piece of your work that you feel best exemplifies the theme of empowering women and supporting motherhood.

There is no jurying process, all interested artists are welcome to participate.

You will have the opportunity to sell your piece during a cocktail reception on the evening of June 8 in a still to be determined Oakland location. 

The art will be on display that evening, with an opportunity for extended display hours the next day (June 9). There are several large events happening in Schenley Plaza and Oakland that day, so we are anticipating there will be quite a bit of foot traffic. 

June 8 morning-early afternoon the artists can drop off their art

·         June 8 evening artists can display their work at the cocktail party

·         June 9 there will be a morning display as well


We are taking NO commission! Artists keep 100% of what they make off sales.

We hope that you will consider participating! Please email Mara Leff at Leff@jhf.org to inquire.



Contact: Mara Leff at Leff@jhf.org

Jamie Earnest