The Nook Gallery: OPEN CALL: (Due. Apr 29)

Open call for art!

"Networked," a group exhibition by SciArt Center at The Nook Gallery (Los Angeles)
July 13 - August 29, 2019

Networks are everywhere; the human body contains networks for vital biological functions like genetic signaling, cellular metabolism, and neuronal communication. Organisms use networks to adapt and thrive, such as the "wood-wide web" of fungal tree root connections. Networks are a hallmark of modern life, from the networks of transportation to the multi-faceted network that is the Internet.

Networks connect us across scales, geographies, and time. In looking at the systems of life through the lens of network science, how does the structure of a network affect its function? What can we learn from the networks formed by the forces of nature, micro to macro? How have social networks changed with the influx of communication technologies like Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp? 

SciArt Center welcomes submissions surrounding the ideas, functions, structures, and results of being networked.


"Networked" will be on view at The Nook Gallery (Los Angeles) from July 13th - August 29th, 2019. Show reception date TBD.


Medium: All art works of the following media will be eligible for consideration.*

  • 2D/flat (wall)

  • 3D (pedestal)

  • 2D/3D (hanging)

  • Video (projection)

*Due to prohibitive international shipping costs and customs complications, international applicants are restricted to 2D/flat (wall) work. Instead of shipping the original work, if accepted, the artist will reprint their piece through an on-demand online printing company and ship the reprint directly to the gallery.

Eligibility: Entrants must be of 18 years of age or older to apply. No geographical restrictions. 

Number of entries: Maximum 5 entries (5 distinct works of art) per artist. All images must be jpg or png. All images must be 300dpi, and at least 1,000 pixels in the smallest direction, labeled according to submission form instructions (see submission form link below). You may submit multiple images per work to show detail or different angles. For videos, please submit mp4 or mov. 

Timeline requirement: Accepted works must arrive at the gallery between July 8 - July 10, 2019. Art work must be available through length of exhibition.

Shipping/art work drop off and pick up: Artists are responsible for shipping/dropping off their work to the gallery between July 8 - July 10. Artwork which is shipped must include a return shipping label. Art work which is dropped off must be picked up after August 31st and before September 10th. All art work must arrive ready to hang/install.

Submission fee: There is a $20 submission fee which must be completed at the time of your materials submission (see submission form and fee link below).

Deadline: All entries must be received by April 29th, 11:59pm EST. 

Notification: Artists will be notified of acceptance by May 20th, 2019. Notification will be made by email. If accepted, artists must reply with confirmation of show participation by May 27th, 2019. 

About The Nook Gallery
The Nook Gallery is an experimental gallery space, directed by artist Richelle Gribble. Guest artists and curators are invited to utilize the space to bring innovative art projects to the creative community of Beacon Arts Building.


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