Beach Elements V: Juried Show: (Due. June 2)



Beyond their visual beauty, beaches are one of nature’s most healing environments. The sound of breaking waves is deeply relaxing and restorative. The combination of sunshine and crashing waves produces an abundance of negative ions which, when inhaled, increase the flow of oxygen to the brain and produce biochemical reactions that reduce stress and energize the spirit. The feel of wet sand underfoot on a walk along the shore, looking for shells - the evidence of the mysterious underwater world - and contemplating what lies beyond the horizon.

RAA seeks artwork that uses the beach, or elements thereof, as part of the canvas. Whether as a backdrop to weave a narrative documenting the social aspect of leisure, a reflection on its beauty or the need for preservation.

Any media including photography, painting, sculpture, video and mixed media will be considered.

Beach Elements V is curated by Nancy Gesimondo.

About the Curator: Nancy Gesimondo is a board member of the Long Island City - Artists (LIC-A). She has curated several group shows including LIC-A’s 30th Anniversary Exhibition at the News Room Gallery at the Paper Factory Hotel 2015, The LIC Arts Open exhibition at the Falchi Building, Over the Bridge exhibition at the Atlantic Gallery in Chelsea, Making Connections exhibitions at the Plaxall Gallery and Henry DeFord Gallery at Citigroup Building 2017 - Juror: Elizabeth Hoy, Director of the Ternbach Museum at Queens College.

Jamie Earnest