RFP Shadyside District 8 Mural: (Due Mar. 29)


The Public Art and Civic Design Division (PA+CD) of the Department of City Planning is requesting proposals for an artistic intersection in the Shadyside neighborhood. The intention of this project is to activate the intersection of Ellsworth and Maryland Avenue by utilizing pavement markings as a way to establish a civic gateway into an area that has been historically and culturally significant to many members of Pittsburgh’s LGBT+ population. The artistic implementation aims to function as a celebration and symbol of embracement to the LGBT+ community in Pittsburgh while also enhancing the pedestrian-level experience through the creation of a vibrant and engaging node. PA+CD is seeking an artist, designer or creative collective to create a high quality design for this intersection. All proposals will be due by 4:00 PM, March 29, 2019. Submission requirements can be found in Section 4. The compensation for the mural is up to $20,000. This will include all design and planning, materials, execution, insurance, and artist fee. Installation must be completed by May 31, 2019.

Project Overview

The selected artist will work with PA+CD to refine the selected artwork to conform fully to the guidelines provided in Section 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4 of this RFP. The artist may be required to modify the selected artwork to comply with safety requirements, as well as fabrication requirements. The chosen artist will receive a total not to exceed $20,000. Compensation will be issued in two payments: the first after the design is approved and legal agreements with the artists are fully executed, and the second payment when installation is complete. After installation the artwork will be considered a gift to the City, as outlined in an agreement in which terms will be defined. The City will retain ownership of the final product that is produced.

Conceptual and Design Guidelines

Artists are asked to submit a complete design. Concepts for the artist-designed intersection are open to the choice of the artist, and imagery may be abstract or representational. Painterly technique, digital art, photography, or other means of representation are equally welcome and will be evaluated on their own merit. The site is in a commercial corridor, and any concepts should be appropriate for all ages and may not contain any adult imagery or profanity. In addition design cannot contain logos, text, or advertising. Conceptually, the design is meant to celebrate inclusivity and the LGBT+ culture of the neighborhood’s past and future. Therefore, preference may be given to applicants who utilize the rainbow flag and/or its colors as the foundation for the design. The chosen artist may be asked to work with PA+CD staff to modify their design as needed.

The following design guidelines must be taken into consideration to comply with traffic and safety regulations:

• The existing parallel-style crosswalks will remain at the intersection.

• The artistic elements will be installed between the four parallel-style crosswalks. A 1-foot border of untreated street surface shall remain between the interior square formed by the parallel-style crosswalks and the artistic elements.

• The artist will work in collaboration with PA+CD staff to select a color palette which shall not contain white, yellow, or red in a way which could be confused with other standard traffic control devices or pavement markings.

• Artwork shall not contain octagons, triangles, or other shapes that may be confused with standard traffic control devices.

• Artwork shall not contain logos, text, or advertising. RFP 19000095 Artistic Designed Intersection

• The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure will review and approve the artwork prior installation to comply with safety and traffic regulations. 3.3 Materials

• The artistic crosswalk shall consist of street-grade epoxy paint applied using stencils or other technique applicable to this material. We also encourage artists to look into preformed thermoplastic as an option.

• The application material and method shall provide a non-slip surface for pedestrians.

• The material for the artistic design shall be non-reflective.

• All material specifications will be approved by the City prior to installation. The materials used must comply with City’s traffic and safety standards. 3.4 Installation

• The PA+CD Division will work with the artist and City Departments to coordinate installation.

• Design must have Art Commission approval prior to installation.

• While the artwork will be designed by the selected artist, the implementation could be done by the artist, designer, or collective or she/he/they could contract for the execution of the artwork with a third party.

• Installation must be complete by May 31st, 2019. 3.5 Maintenance

• This type of implementation generally has a life span of 5 years, depending on material used and location.

• The City is not responsible for maintaining or replacing the artistic intersection. City streets are subject to repaving at any time, and the street will be returned to its prior condition upon repaving or during regular scheduled striping maintenance.

• The selected artist may be asked to provide to PA+CD materials specifications to have on record for future maintenance.

• PA+CD will work with Council office from District Eight to maintain the artistic intervention depending upon access of funds.

Applicant Requirements The final selected applicants may be required to:

Adjust the proposal after receiving City input in relation to the project.

Work with PA+CD staff on the project’s application for the City’s Art Commission and be present at a Commission hearing.

Work with PA+CD and the City’s Law Department to draft and execute an agreement.

Work with PA+CD and other City Departments on an installation plan.

Liability Insurance is required


Jamie Earnest