Access Arts / School of Service Artist In Residence: (rolling basis)

Artists In Residence Program

Access Arts / School of Service, a nonprofit organization in Columbia, Missouri, was founded in 1971.  Its mission is to provide creative learning experiences for all people, regardless of age, income or ability.  Programs center on classes, workshops, and community outreach efforts. Classes are offered in the areas of Ceramics, Fibers, Printmaking, Drawing, and Painting.

At Access Arts, our Artist‐in‐residence program excels as a mutually‐beneficial arrangement in which artists have the chance to explore their craft among a community of other creative individuals while students gain access to the unique insights and talents of a working artist.

Residencies Offered
The program offers both live‐in and non‐live‐ in residencies for contracts lasting 3 months and up.  Extensions are possible but must span the entire time frame of classes in session.  Dates must be approved by the Executive Director.

Programs at Access Arts are directly linked with the residencies offered, as it is residents who teach many of the classes.  Presently, painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, photography, and digital video production residencies are available in addition to ceramics and fibers, which are currently the two largest programs.

Studio Space
Residents have access to either a shared or private locked studio space to research and work on personal artwork. Some materials and tools are included as part of the resident assistances and others must be provided by the artist.  Materials used for individual artwork will be included as
outlined in the description for each specific medium.  All residents have access to free Wi‐Fi but should provide their own devices.

Residents gain valuable experience teaching a diverse and eager group of students and enjoy the inclusive atmosphere of a creative, tight‐knit local arts community.

Any materials used to directly benefit Access Arts, such as donated work, will be provided. Year‐long residents will be given the opportunity to host a reception and a solo show in the newly renovated gallery space.

Service and Responsibilities
In return for studio space and living arrangements, artists provide 10‐15 hours of service per week toward Access Arts in the form of education, outreach and maintenance.

More specifically, educational duties and responsibilities include teaching classes, creating workshops, and assisting others in conducting workshops.  Residents should be self‐directed and able to engage students in a positive and professional manner. Rubrics will be provided to help new teachers ensure consistency in the quality of the education provided.

A number of outreach opportunities are also integral toward promoting the identity of the organization and engaging the community.  Residents are expected to be able to answer questions about the programs and classes offered, participate in community events, and adhere to the professional practices, policies and mission of Access Arts.

Art can be messy.  Maintenance of both public and personal studios is a necessary part of resident responsibilities.  Residents are expected to help sustain a clean and professional atmosphere through various activities.  Aside from making sure classrooms are clean and safe after each class that is taught, sweeping, mopping, reclaiming clay, helping with yardwork and gardening, cleaning of bathrooms and gallery maintenance are also possibilities to earn service hours which will be logged and turned in each month.

Specific Program Information
Review specific requirements and information about becoming an Artist in Residence in the following areas:

Apply today!

Fill out the Artist in Residence application and return to us along with:

  • Cover letter describing your reasons for applying for this opportunity and how it would aid the Access Arts mission and your personal goals as an artist

  • 10-20 Images of Previous Work (attach to email, provide URL, or include CD or DVD — these materials will not be returned)

  • Artist’s statement

  • Detailed description of the project/work you wish to develop while in residency

  • Resume including detailed information on your previous experience with the media you wish to pursue at Access Arts and your community involvement

Jamie Earnest