GPAC Project Stream Grants (Due. June 20)

Project Stream grants of up to $2,500 are distributed once a year with the deadline falling in mid-June for projects occurring between September 1 and August 31. Project Stream grants support small community arts projects offered by artists, arts organizations, other non-profit organizations or governments.  GPAC distributes these grants on behalf of the PA Council on the Arts. through the PA Partners in the Arts program.

Eligibility and Guidelines

If you'd like to hold a performance, exhibit, reading or other art project in your community, we encourage you to apply to Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PA Partners) for up to $2500! The goal of these projects is to increase access to the arts. The work  can be any genre—visual art, dance, theatre, music—and must be open to the public.  In short, we're looking for well-planned projects that will bring high quality art to people who might not already have many arts experiences available to them.

PA Partners focuses on making arts programs available to every Commonwealth resident, with a focus on previously underserved communities and regions in Pennsylvania. All projects must be publicized and open to the general public. For full details about the program, including a description, eligibility, crediting guidelines and more, visit the PCA Project Stream webpage.

Jamie Earnest