The Watermill Center: International Summer Program (Due Mar. 4)

During the International Summer Program, every participant collaboratively contributes to site-specific works, performing arts project workshops, design project workshops as well as attending lectures and taking part in landscaping and design/construction projects. Artists apply as individuals and participate in all aspects of the programmed projects and activities.

The first half of the Summer Program builds toward one of our main public events, The Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit & Auction , which includes the creation of site-specific outdoor art installations conceived by guest artists and select summer participants, who work together, side-by-side. During the second half of the program, which includes one of our other main public offerings, Discover Watermill Day, all Summer Program participants are invited to take part in table and staging workshops with Robert Wilson and collaborators from upcoming international productions.

An artist works differently in an environment that he or she has helped to create and maintain. All participants share in the responsibilities of daily life, including: housekeeping, cooking, cleaning, and maintaining Watermill’s grounds and gardens. Daily physical labor, both indoors and outdoors, including landscaping and construction of site-specific art installations, is an integral part of the Summer Program.

Robert Wilson, his collaborators, and producers and specialists lead dozens of hands-on projects during the Summer Program. Throughout the entire summer, all participants share in the work, both creative and physical, on a rigorous schedule under the direction of Robert Wilson and a professional staff.


Jamie Earnest