Robert Giard Grant for Emerging LGBTQ+ Photographers: (Due: Nov 24)

Queer|Art is pleased to announce a new partnership with The Robert Giard Foundation to provide Queer|Art’s first international grant of $10,000 to support the creation of work by emerging LGBTQ+ photographers. The newly established Robert Giard Grant for Emerging LGBTQ+ Photographers is made possible entirely through support provided by The Robert Giard Foundation. Applications are open September 30 - November 24, and the grant will be awarded in March 2020.

Previously known as The Robert Giard Fellowship (2008-2018), the newly relaunched grant is named in honor of photographer Robert Giard (1939-2002), a portrait, landscape, and figure photographer whose work focused on LGBTQ+ lives and issues. In partnership with Queer|Art, the grant focuses on supporting emerging LGBTQ+ photographers whose projects address issues of sexuality, gender, or LGBTQ+ identity. The award has also increased from $7,500 to $10,000.

Funds can be requested to support new or ongoing work at any stage of development.



What information does the application require?

  • Contact info, narrative bio, and headshot

  • Synopsis of project and strategy for development

  • Budget

  • Work samples (15-18 images)

  • 2 professional references

  • CV

What is required in the synopsis and budget?


1.     Description of the project and the process by which it will be made. (Up to 400 words) *Required

2.     What is your timeline for completing the work and strategy for its development? (Up to 150 words) * Required

3.     Are there any additional aspects of this work you would like the judging panel to know? (Up to 150 words) *Not required

Budget (one page, uploaded as PDF):

Your budget should account for how the work will be made (you do not need to include presentation costs). If the cost of production exceeds the grant amount, please indicate within the budget any confirmed funding you have received or additional funding you anticipate that will enable you to complete this project.


Jamie Earnest