Spring 2019 Decelerator Retreats (Due Feb. 15)


The Strange’s “Decelerator” is a new retreat/residency hybrid offering Creative Internet People* the chance to do some focused reading, writing, and laptopping from a beautiful location in the Catskills.

Rather than emphasizing the making of new work, this program emphasizes the value of refueling and reflecting in order to gain strategic perspective on your larger vision. This April and May, one- to two-week residencies will be offered to imaginative and forward-looking creative practitioners whose work tends to be ambitious and, in a word, “strange”—radical, speculative, shifting, multi-faceted, non-binary, technically inventive, and perhaps ahead of its time. It is an invitation to step outside—both outside of your day-to-day life, and outside, literally, into the forest—and to be online in a more expansive space.

*Creative Internet People = an improvised term for those artists, curators, writers, designers, researchers, technologists, etc, who generally find it hard to articulate their “vocation,” but for whom the internet and/or computers play a central role in their work.

Jamie Earnest