Application: Tough Art Residency at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh (Due March 31)

DUE: March 31, 2019

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh
13th Annual Tough Art Residency

About the Residency:
The Tough Art Residency Program seeks to connect a diverse group of artists to the resources and audience of the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. The artists accomplish three goals: 1. Generate and implement interactive, immersive and/or collaborative projects. 2. Engage museum professionals in critical dialog as it relates to their work. 3. Connect the art making process to the larger museum context and the museum visitor. Across the residency, artists are given two tasks: 1. Create a piece to be incorporated into the facility with direct impact on the visitor experience. 2. Prototype and evaluate their process to achieve the desired outcome. It is important to remember that the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is a very public place, and that art within a children’s museum occupies a unique niche of public art. Our visitors are extremely motivated to engage with art in direct, physical, and sometimes aggressive ways that are completely different from a traditional venue. The museum expects artists to adapt to this challenging environment while maintaining the rigor and sophistication of their practice. We welcome projects that present new ideas and unexpected experiences to children and families. Our team works with artists to produce artworks that are safe and durable.

Logistics of the Residency:
The residency program invites artist to be in residence June through mid-September 2019. During this time, they will work in the museum to develop and create new works to be exhibited the fall/winter of 2019. Artists work with museum staff to build prototypes, test ideas on the museum floor, and fabricate and install a finished work. Artists are expected to be in Pittsburgh for the duration of the program.

Tough Art Residency Program Benefits:

  • $5,000 honorarium

  • $3,500 materials budget

  • Access to fabrication facilities, marketing and documentation services

  • Opening reception

Out-of-town Artists also recieve:

  • Housing

  • Transit to/from Pittsburgh, and one additional trip during residency

Tough Art Residency Program Eligibility:
Artists with demonstrated capabilities in their medium will be considered for the program. The program is intended to support emerging artists in their development as well as give opportunities for established artists to the share their work with a wider audience. Emerging artists with demonstrated capabilities for creating interactive, immersive, sculptural, or media-based projects are encouraged to apply. We seek submissions from artists who represent the broad spectrum of the greater artist community

Madeline Gent